Trevor Skyborne

Supporting NPC for Group


Name: Trevor Skyborne
Age: 25

Aspects: High Concept: Mage, Trouble: Doesn’t Know Himself, My First Aspect, My Second Aspect, My Third Aspect

Skills: Alter (4); Fight (3); Athletics (2); Notice (2); Will (2); Drive (1); Physique (1); Sense (1); Shoot (+1)

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FTL Travel

FTL Travel is through a fluidic space called “Abyssal Space” or simply the “abyss”.

A natural opening into the abyss is called a “Fountain” because of the way the abyssal gases and energies are expelled into normal space like a fountain (spouting in only one direction). A fountain can be used to enter or exit the abyss but only with very small ships and they are very dangerous and unpredictable.

Gates are massive structures that create very large, stable fountains. The energy discharged from the abyss when the gate is open is collected by the gate itself and stored to help power it’s operation.

Large spacecraft can also be equipped to open stable fountains but there is no means of discharging the released energy and so the ship must be heavily shielded to protect it.

Space within the abyss appears very much like the deep ocean with it’s own swift and unpredictable currents. There are also occasional energy storms that can destroy an unprepared ship. Travel in the abyss required advanced communications and navigation equipment. Ships near a gate can lock onto that gate’s beacon to home in on it’s location but ships deep in the abyss must count on their inertial navigation equipment and up to date navigational charts to see them safely to their destination.

Visibility and communications and scanning range in the abyss are very limited. Distances and directions in the abyss also have little relation to distances and direction in real space. Finding new star systems in through the abyss is extremely difficult. The quickest way is to find an active fountain. Fountains usually occur in or near a star system. Otherwise it takes months of careful charting and experimental hops into real space to locate and chart a safe route. Once a star system is located in the abyss then the related area of the abyss can be mapped to a fair degree of accuracy thus allowing ships to enter and exit the abyss anywhere within the star system. But outside the main planetary orbits the relativity between real space and the abyss quickly ends.

Trevor Skyborne

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